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The crossing of the ridge of Stara Planina from one end to the other is an achievement deserving respect. Keep the memory of the track; on collecting the seals in the tourist passport you will also get a Congratulations Certificate and the right to participate in the yearly lottery with material rewards. Welcome to the annual meeting of people who have crossed Kom-Emine at the end of the tourism season. For more information on the terms and conditions of the campaign:  CHECK HERE.


Take a tourist passport and gather min 3 stamps per page. Register your passport online here and you will get a special diplom and right to participate in annual lottery.

It`s easy to buy it online or from the sport equipment stores. If you`re on quided tour – just ask your guide about the passports

The tourist passports for stamps are small leaflets printed on laminated carton for greater durability. The inner side of the passport is not laminated for better ink absorption when stamped.

The Kom-Emine Tourist Passport Campaign was launched for the first time in 2016 and is an initiative aiming to promote the Kom-Emine Tourist Route. Participants are encouraged through a number of different exciting initiatives. The greatest of all is the annual Kom-Emine meeting when a raffle with material prizes is traditionally held. The sponsors of the campaign that have provided awards so far are SportDepo, Trastena, NaturaBG, Husqvarna, Ciela.

Any Bulgarian or foreign citizen holding a Tourist passport can participate in the campaign “Passport Kom-Emine”. Members of the Oilaripi Trekking Association and Association “Traveller’s Club” as campaign organizers are not eligible to participate in the campaign. See the full conditions for participation in the campaign here:

Travel passports are available for a fee. The sale price of the passport is 5 BGN and it includes: 1 piece tourist passport, 1 piece congratulation certificate, postal and administrative expenses.

Tourist passports can be bought from here:

  2. Kom -Emine official web store
  3. On site at the Traveller’s club – Sofia, 19 Serdika str.
  4. Sporting goods stores „Red rock“
  5. Sporting goods stores „Outsider“

Most seals are situated in the huts or at tourist sites. Other seals from dining places, shops, post offices, town-halls will be recognized as well.

The purpose of the tourist passport for stamps is to collect as many stamps as possible from the sites visited along the route from peak Kom to cape Emine. According to the general conditions of the campaign, all participants who register a VALID passport will be admitted to the lottery. A valid pasport is considered such having minimum three stamps on each of the pages (minimum 50% of the stamps).

You can get a stamp at each stationary location along the way – chalets, hotels, museums, restaurants, gas stations, tourist attractions and more. For convenience, the campaign organizers provide an example list of stamp locations. Stamps from nearby sites that are not included in the passport but located along the Kom-Emine route will be recognized too.


Seal 1: The house-museum of Ivan Vazov in Berkovitsa, Kom hut (new), Petrohan hut
Seal 2: Trastena hut Seal 3: Leskova hut
Seal 4: Murgash hut, Peak Murgash
Seal 5: Chavdar hut
Seal 6: Murgana hut, Kashana hut, Svishtiplaz hut, Pakal hut, Momina polyana hut
Seal 7: Vezhen hut, Benkovski hut, Echo hut, Kozya stena hut
Seal 8: Orlovo gnezdo shelter, Dermenka hut, Dobrila hut
Seal 9: Vasil Levski hut, Botev shelter, Peak Botev
Seal 10: Tazha hut, Mazalat hut
Seal 11: Uzana hut, Peah Shipka, Buzludzha hut
Seal 12: Gramadliva Ski-Base, Gramadliva hut, Predela hut
Seal 13: Bukovets hut, Chumerna hut
Seal 14: Kotel (Each museum, Hotel or Municipality)
Seal 15: Varbishki prohod hut
Seal 16: Planintsa village (COOP supermarket on the center), Daskotna village (Villa Ralio)
Seal 17: Tochiisko hut, Kozichino village (Bolyar restaurant or food shop on the center)
Seal 18: Emona village (Bistro Yana on the centrer of the village)

It is very easy – register online or deposit your passport at Traveller’s club located in Sofia at 19, Serdika str.

After you collect at least 9 stamps in your tourist passport you can register it and participate in the annual tombola!

Registration can be done on site or online:

  1. Registration on site by depositiong the passport at Traveller’s club, Sofia, 19 Serdika str.
  2. Online registration by filling in the online form: START YOUR REGISTRATION

After your registration you have to receive confirmation email in 3 working days. If you didn`t receive it after the 3rd day, please contact us on email:

To your email and on our website we will announce all news about the upcoming ANNUAL MEETING of the Kom-Emineans and the raffle. Expect your invitation!

Check your email to find out more about the date and place of the annual meeting. You can learn more about upcoming events in the “Calendar” and in the Facebook group Kom-Emine