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Yurushki Rocks

Юрушките скалиThe imposing rock wreath called Yurushki Rocks (Urushki Rocks) is located 5 km away from Kotel, on the route to Omurtag town. To get there, detour from Kom-Emine trail and continue for about 2 km north along the interurban road. The locality is a protected area where diurnal birds of pray nest. Above the limestone cliffs is the peak Yurushka Stena, which is 820 m high. The landing for reintroduction of the Griffon Vulture in the region is built here. The area has been inhabited since ancient times, which is evidenced by the number of findings of anthropogenic activity here. Gullies carved in the white stone, sacrificial places and troughs are all traces of Thracian civilization dating back about 3000 years.

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