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Uzana area

местност УзанаUzana area is located at the foot of Ispolin peak, 22 km away from the town of Gabrovo. It is the widest ridge meadow in the Balkan Mountains, surrounded by centuries-old beech forests. The nature here is preserved to a very high degree, as evidenced by the rich diversity of representatives of the protected flora and fauna. Uzana is located between the “Central Balkan” National Park to the west and the “Bulgarka” Nature Park to the east. Here is the highest point of the Himitliyski (Yasensky) pass between the villages of Yasenovo (Stara Zagora district) and Stokite (Gabrovo district), from where troops lead by Gen. Stoletov passed in 1877-1878.

Since 2011, a three-day “Uzana Polyana” Festival have been held annually in the Uzana area, where participants have the opportunity to share their experience in sustainable development and environmental management.

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