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The Seven Altars monastery

манастир Седемте престола

The Osenovlashki Monastery „Virgin Mary”, is situated in one of the most picturesque places in the Balkan Mountains – the valley of Gabrovnitsa river at the foot of the Izmerets peak. It is one of the most valuable and interesting spiritual temples on the Bulgarian lands. It is more widely known by the name “Sedemte Prestola” (the Seven Altars) because of the unique church built in it, which has 7 chapels (altars).

According the legend the monastery is built by 7 boyars founders of 7 settlements near the monastery – Osenovlak, Ogoya, Ogradishte, Bukovets, Leskov Dol, Zhelen and Lakatnik. The date of its foundation is controversial. According to some historians, it existed in the nineteenth century, others find its roots in the fourteenth century.

On the slopes of Mount Rzhana, north of the “Sedemte Prestola”, stood a medieval fortress known as the Latin Kale. Her remains can be seen even today. A curious detail is that the gates for the monastery were brought exactly from this fortress and they are still open to visitors nowadays.

Throughout its centuries-old history, the monastery has been burned down and rebuilt again many times. The “Sedemte Prestola” is a spiritual and religious center of great importance for the Bulgarians during the Ottoman rule. Today it is a favorite place for visitors. The monastery accepts tourists for overnight stay and there is a nice restaurant nearby that offers delicious cooked meals.

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