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The Lakatnishki rocks

Лакатнишките скали

The Lakatnishki rocks are rising 300 meters above the left bank of the Iskar river between its tributaries Proboynitsa and Opletneshka. The name of the rocks comes from the peculiar bend the river makes here – in shape of an elbow (lakat, in Bulgarian). The Lakatnishki rocks are “the cradle of Bulgarian alpinism”. In 1931 the climbers Nikola Chipev, Aleksander Belkovski and Geori Stoimenov used an alpine rope (for the first time in Bulgaria) along the routes “Prozoretsa” (The Window) and “Dvortsite” (The Palaces). Even today, these rocks are favorite place for passionate climbers. From the rail station, the first thing that catches the eye is the red house, as if she were perched on the edge – alpine shelter “Orlovo gnezdo” (Eagle’s Nest). The shelter is secured with metal skewers and concrete to the rocks. 

In the region, there are numerous caves, of which the most famous one is Temnata duka. It is one of the longest caves in Bulgaria and spreads across 4 levels. The cave is not adapted for tourists and is accessible only for trained cavers. In 1962 the cave is declared a natural landmark. Other interesting caves in the region are Kozarskata, Svinska Dupka, Razhishkata, Zidanka and others. They are not equipped and should be visited only with trained guide and proper equipment. 

At the highest point, one can see “Septemvriytsi”, a monument dedicated to the victims of the September uprising from 1923. At the opposite rock sits a 10-meter-high cross in memory of the perished mountaineers. Each year a public prayer is held there.

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