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The geographical center of Bulgaria

Географският център на БългарияThe geographical center of Bulgaria was defined 25 years ago on the proposal of Evgeni Stanchev, then editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Pogled” (“Look”).
Scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences started making the complex calculations. The team was lead by Prof. Mladen Mladenovski. The calculations were made by six mathematical methods and lead to the result: the geographical center of Bulgaria has the following coordinates:
42°45’ 58″ north latitude and 25°14’18″ east longitude.

In the southwestern part of the area is Uzana hut, which can be reached by an asphalt road along the western border of the meadow. Hiking the Kom – Emine route, you take this asphalt road. On the right are the tourist information center (150 m) and the geographical center of Bulgaria (1.1 km), and on the left are the large granite fountain (650 m) and Uzana hut (1.3 km). To the south, there are several large holiday homes. To the east rises the Markov Stol peak. To the north are several large hotel complexes and ski runs. The geographical center of Bulgaria is marked at the northernmost point of the meadow with a sculpture depicting a stylized pyramid in the colors of the national flag.

Since 2008 it has been included in the initiative of the Bulgarian Tourist Union – “100 National Tourist Sites”.

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