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Sheshkingrad is a fortress built in the Middle Ages, located at the south foot of Chumerna peak. It is supposed that this is the last fortress under Tsar Ivan Shishman’s rule, which most likely gave it the name (var. of Shishman’s town). It is built on a hill surrounded by rocks from all sides except the north.

The negative value of the external slope of the rocks has made it possible to use them as a form of natural protection instead of a castle wall. At the base of the rocks can be noticed signs of a trench which is 6 m wide and 4 m deep.

If you go along the asphalt road from the higest point of Tvardishki pass, in east direction, you will reach the abandoned miners’ village of Sheshkingrad and the Sheshkingrad Mine. The medieval fortress is south of the road. A resort was built in the former miners’ village. Here, you can witness nature taking back areas of the village and the concrete apartment blocks are gradually becoming part of the forest.

The hike from Sheshkingrad to Chumerna hut will take you about an hour, and the track is marked in an interesting way . The marking is composed of stylized faces making various grimaces similar to the so popular smilies and other emoticon signs.

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