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Severen (north) Dzhendem reserve

резерват Северен Джендем“Severen (north) Dzhendem” is the highest reserve in “Central Balkan” National Park. It is situated on the steep north slopes of Botev and Rusalka peaks. Its boundary on the ridge of the mountain runs between Yurushka Gramada and Paradzika peaks and there it connects with the other reserve – “. The reserve impresses with the abundance of diverse natural forms in it.  Here you can see rounded ridges, but also fearsome precipices, rocky crests, stepped cliffs, rocky slopes, deep valleys covered with centuries-old beech forests. There are many waterfalls in the reserve and the most famous is the Vidimsko praskalo waterfall. There are also many water caves – “The Water holes”. The Vidima River, into which the other rivers flow here, is rich in Balkan trout.

The animal and plant diversity at “Severen Dzhendem” is also great. Exactly here is the largest habitat of red deer in all Balkan Mountains. There is also a large number of wolves and bears in the reserve, typically quite large in size. 18 species of bats live here. The rare rhododendron plant has its largest habitat precisely in those places where blueberries and Siberian juniper also grow.

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