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“Peeshtite skali” (the Singing Rocks) reserve

Пеещите скали“Peeshtite skali” (the Singing Rocks) reserve is located in the eastern part of the Kalofer Mountain. These rocks are situated exactly on the ridge between the peaks Rosovatets (1972 m) and Korubashitsa (1660 m). The rock phenomenon bears this name because of the peculiar sounds that the rock formations make when a strong gust of wind goes in between them. The reserve is given the same name – as suggested by the distinguished conservationist and sculptor Zheko Spiridonov (1867-1945), considered one of the founders of sculpture in Post-Liberation Bulgaria.

The Singing Rocks covers the catchment area of the Rositsa River, which is the largest tributary of the Yantra river.

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