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Peak Todorini Kukli

връх Тодорини кукли

The peak itself consists of four rocky peaks forming a narrow rest north of the central ridge. The highest point is 1785 m and is designated with a geodetic elevation. From there you an see Kom peak, Berkovska valley, Vratchanska mountain, Ponor as well as towns of Varshets and Montana and Klisurski monastery.

Legend has it that during a traditional autumn-winter gathering (called “sedyanka”) the maidens challenged the lads from the village. Most difficult was Todora’s challenge – she would marry the one who climbed the rocky peak at night and left a sign there. Since no one dared, she took her distaff and headed for the peak on her own. She stuck her distaff on the small glade at the top and started to go down. Suddenly, she felt something pulling on her skirt, she got frightened that it was a “samodiva” (a wood nymph or fairy in Bulgarian folklore); she pulled away sharply and flew down the abyss. Since then, the local people called the peak Todorini Kukli (Kukli being the old word for distaff).

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