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Peak Chubrata

връх Чубрата

Chubrata (Chobrata, Chobra Tash) is located 700 m northeast of Talim Tash (Soldier’s Stone). It is reached by a dirt road. This is an ancient Thracian sanctuary. It is overgrown with ferns, shrubs and trees. The area is relatively flat, and at its eastern side there is a hill with a group of rock blocks. It is noticeable that they have flattened peaks and have been given a domed shape. Circles of different depth are carved inside. Two runic signs can be seen on the central rock altar, which is a triangular rock with a carved stern at its center. Similar signs have been found in other sacred places in the Motor Mountains. Archaeologists are not yet categorical about the origin and meaning of the signs, but according some hypotheses, they may fundamentally change the opinion that the Thracians did not have their script. Reading the runes would provide invaluable information about the lives of people in our country since the early Iron Age.

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