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Murgash peak

връх МургашMurgash is the highest peak in the Murgash share of the Balkan Mountains. Its height is 1687 m. This alpine peak with a domed shape and steep slopes is located very close to Sofia city and is accessible from many points. Often hit by bad weather and located on the border between two climate zones in our country makes it one of the windiest hills in Bulgaria. It consists of 8 ridges and 11 rivers.

The Fourth high-altitude meteorological station in Bulgaria was opened at Murgash Peak on November 15, 1953 and is still active today. (Before this one such stations were built on Mussala peak, Cherni vrah peak and Botev peak. The only one built after Murgash station is the Rhodope mountains station on Rozhen peak). Eight daily synoptic measurements are being made every day at the station, and every three hours climatic observations are made. Data from Murgash and Botev Peaks contribute to climate change observations. The data is also used in forecasting models for aviation and mountain tourism, it helps preparing expert reports for dams, power lines and roads – important infrastructure projects.

The name of this harsh mountain peak is associated with a legend. Once upon a time lived an unearthly beautiful and hardworking girl. Many candidates went to her father’s house to ask for her hand, but she did not even once look at anyone favorably. Long time passed and one day the girl said she would take the man who lifted her on her back and climbed with her to the highest peak of the mountain above her village. Captivated by her beauty, many boys tried to fulfill this task, but failed.  One day a boy called Murgash appeared at the gates of her house. He saw the beauty, grabbed her and flew off to the peak, inspired by the powerful love that throbbed in his heart. He reached the peak but fell down dead. In his honor and in the glory of his heroic heart and his great love, the locals named the peak Murgash.

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