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Krastets railway station

гара КръстецKrastets railway station was built at 866 meters above the sea level and is the highest point of the Ruse-Podkova №4 railway line. It is located in the Dabovski pass, on the territory of the village of Krastets. The settlement was created to extract black coal and was a part of the Balkan Coal Basin. Several mines were exploited  in its territory, but are no longer working today, and as a result of which the village became depopulated. The few residents earn their livelihoods by maintaining the railway line.

Passengers passing through Krastets Station define this train route as the most picturesque and providing the most unforgettable experience in Bulgaria. The views are delightful, captivating the mind and the heart. The line is also unique as it is the steepest railway incline measured in the territory of Bulgaria.

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