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Gyoztepe peak

Gioztepe peakGyoztepe (520 m) is the highest peak in Eminska mountain east of Dyulinski pass. It is also know with the names of Edelweiss, Pogledets, Geztepe and Gyortepe. In 1967 a road from Plazovets village to the peak was built and the highest television tower in Burgas district was commissioned there – 88 m. Radio relay and TV station “Edelweiss – Sunny Beach” now provides the Eastern Balkan and the Southern seaside with television signal.

An amazing panoramic view of the Black Sea coast is revealed for the first time from the peak. It seems as if the hostels of the St. Vlas resort and Sunny Beach are at a stone’s throw south, along the golden sand coast. When the weather is fine, further south you can clearly see the splendid little island of Nesebar, connected to the mainland through a narrow strip of land. There is data of the millennial history of the town once known as Mesembria, going back to the IV century BC.

Parallel to the mountain range, you can see the valleys of the rivers Hadzhiyska and Aheloy, flowing into the sea to the north and south of Nesebar respectively. Near the mouth of Aheloy river (in the vicinity if Aheloy village, on 20 August in the year 917, Tsar Simeon defeatd the Byzantine army and won the right to be titled Autocart. This is the grandest battle for the whole European Middle Ages – more than 122 000 warriors took part in it. Fifty years later the Byzantine chronicler Leo Dyakon wrote: “Piles of bones by the river Aheloy can still be seen, where the army of the byzantines was ignominiously slaughtered”.

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