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“Ellatzite” mine

“Ellatzite” is a copper deposit that was discovered and developed in 1952-1956. It is the largest mine on the Balkan Peninsula with an area of over 5 square km. It is located north of the main ridge, between the peaks of Mara Gidiya (1790 m) and Murgana (1639 m).

The ore is mined in the open-cast mine at the village of Mirkovo. It is then transported through a tunnel below the mountain, equipped with a rubber conveyor belt. Proven reserves of copper ore, with an annual production of 12 million tons, ensure the mine’s effective operation by 2022. The production activity supports the economy of the region. Thanks to the mine, over 2000 families on both sides of the Balkan Mountain have a livelihood. 

There is an impressive view to the mine north of the main Balkan ridge between the peaks of Mara Gidiya and Murgana.

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