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“Dzhendema” reserve

резерват Джендема“Dzhendema” reserve is the largest in the territory of the “Central Balkan” National Park and is part of Man and Biosphere UNESCO program since 1977. It stretches along the southern slopes of Botev and Ravnets peaks above Kalofer town. It covers the valley of the Byala (white) River, the upper reaches of Tundzha, as well as Tazha River gorge.

The word “дzhendem” in Turkish means “hell”. The reserve is the most inaccessible part of the Balkan Mountains and that is why it is called so. The slopes here are very steep, the rocks rise tall – high and inaccessible. Deep gorges, rocky chutes, overhanging cliffs complete the picture of the area. The highest waterfall in the country – the Rayskoto praskalo (125 m) descends from the Raiski rocks (Heaven rocks).

Due to the difficult terrain of the Dzhendema area, pristine centuries-old beech forests have been preserved here. The animal world has remained the most disturbed and the species diversity is extensive, covering birds, small mammals, bats and amphibians. Of the large mammals, wolves, red deer, wild goats, and bears are the most common. The latter are the emblem of the “Central Balkan” National Park.

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