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Chumerna peak

връх Чумерна

Chumerna peak (1536 m) is one of the highest peaks in the east part of the Central Balkan Mountains. You can ascend it or bypass it, but if the weather is good, it’s better to ascend the peak.

The peak itself is treeless, surrounded by forest from all sides. The south slope is very steep, whereas the north one is slanted. From there, you can see a lot; to the north – up to the Danube river; to the south – to the Rhodopes and Sakar mountains.

Panayot Hitov, a famous revolutionary, often went into hiding in that part of the Balkan. In “My travels around the Balkan Mountains”, he says, “When I’m at Chumerna peak, before my eyes is revealed a view too good to be true. Wherever you look, your eyes have something to delight in…”

From Chumerna, you can also see a lot of the trail, from Bukovets to Vratnik. When you ascend the peak, a little before the highest point, you will pass by the unfinished construction of an anti-hail missile launching pad.

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