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“Bulgarka” Nature Park

Природен парк БългаркаNP “Bulgarka” covering an area of 22000 hectares, is located on the northern slopes and on the ridge of Shipchenska and Trevnenska mountains. It was declared a park on August 9, 2002 in order to preserve the ancient and dense beech forests characteristic of the Balkan Mountains and the invaluable habitat, which occurs only here and develops on three floors: beech – yew – Cherry laurel, also in order to preserve the cultural and historical heritage of the area.

The high and steep slopes of the Central Balkan Mountains naturally pass into the relatively low and rounded forms of the Eastern Balkan Mountains, which determines the great relief diversity of the park.  This, in turn, creates favorable conditions for the presence of exceptional wealth of animal and plant species. More than 70% of the officially recognized medicinal plants in the country grow in the park. The springs of the tributaries of Yantra river, as well as its upstream, are located on the territory of “Bulgarka” Nature Park. “Hristo Smirnenski” Dam also falls within its boundaries.

The Kom – Emine route runs along two of the park’s landmarks “Vikanata skala” and “Golemia buk” (the big beech). Within the boundaries of the park are located also the Ethnographic Open Air Museum “Etar”, the “Shipka – Buzludzha” National Park Museum, Sokolski Monastery and other sites.

It is reported that the park’s territory has been inhabited since ancient times, which is proven by the vessels found during archaeological excavations.

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