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Botev peak

връх БотевBotev peak is the highest is the Balkan Mountains (2376 m). The peak top is a broad and rounded ridge that resembles a fist, which is why it was named Yumrukchal (“Fist peak” form turkish) until June 29, 1942, then on the occasion of its ascent from King Ferdinand I until January 5, 1946 it was named Ferdinand’s Peak. From 1946 to March 14, 1950 – its name is again Yumrukchal . Since 1950 it has been named “Botev” in honor of the great Bulgarian poet and revolutionary from Kalofer town – Hristo Botev. 

The peak is known for its extremely harsh climate, here are the strongest winds in Bulgaria. It is also one of the places with the least amount of sunshine due to the thick fogs that cover the peak 305 days a year.

A military base, a weather station, a radio relay and a television station were built at the top. The signal from the transmitter covers about 65% of the country’s territory. Unfortunately, as a result of the intensive construction and laying of cables, there is a problem with soil erosion, which is especially evident on the path from Botev shelter upward. Slippery earth masses have buried the first poles the of winter marking.

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