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“Boatin” reserve

резерват БоатинPeople call the “Boatin” reserve “the mysterious kingdom of the beech” – one of the most beautiful and clean beech forests in the world is located there. The trees in it range in age from 170 to 230 years old, raising their strong trunks at over 40 meters height. Above the beech forest is a coniferous belt of spruce forests up to 100 years old. At the top of the coniferous belt is the only remaining compact field of a squat in the Balkan Mountains.

The variety of animals found in the Boatin Reserve is also rich. It is home to the largest predator in Bulgaria – the brown bear. The forests are inhabited by deer, roe deer, foxes, goldenrods, wild pigs, wildcats. 64 bird species nest here.

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