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Arabakonak pass

паментник АрабаконакThe Botevgrad Pass (called Arabakonashki pass until 1942 and still better known by that name) is a 7 km long road that crosses the Balkan Mountain ridge through the Arabakonak saddle at 970 m above sea level from Gorno Kamartsi village to Botevgrad city. It was built in 1865 by the order of Midhat Pasha and from the following year became the main road from Sofia to northern Bulgaria. During the same year a strategic military road was made through the village of Samundzhievo, connecting Rousse and Sofia. Again, at the suggestion of Midhat Pasha, the village is declared a city and becomes the center of the region named Orhanie, today – Botevgrad.

The Arabakonak Pass is a place where important historical events took place.

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