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Aglikina Polyana

Агликина поляна

Aglikina Polyana is of historic importance – it’s a small forest meadow surrounded by centuries-old beech forest, 1.5 km west of Vratnik pass.

In the meadow, you will see a monolithic granite stone honouring the heroic deeds of Hadzhi Dimitar’s and Stefan Karadzha’s rebel squads. This was the place where in 1868 the rebels were supposed to gather in order to announce the establishment of a temporary government and the formation of a rebel army. After the death of both voivodes, Stefan Karadzha and Hadzhi Dimitar – the first in Rousse’s prison, and the latter, in the battle of Buzlidzha – Aglikina Polyana was reached by 14 rebels only who were captured and killed shortly afterwards. 


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