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NoBrand – linen shirt for long hikes

65.00 BGN

Linen shirt with long sleeves and a hood, designed for long distance hikes. It is suitable for prolonged use under low hygiene conditions when bathing and washing are no longer relevant. During the summer season it brings a feeling of airiness and lightness. The long sleeves and the hood protect from the nettles and the strong sun without the sweating effect that a regular cap has. During winter  hikes in the high mountain it is irreplaceable in the hot part of the day as a second layer above the merino, and on secured routes it can be used even as the only one. It does not easily start smelling bad. Free cut that comes only in three unisex sizes. Reinforced double inverted seams for greater durability and comfort of friction zones when carrying a heavy backpack. 0% overlock seams. The cut is inspired by shirts made for the Bulgarian army in the 1920s and 1930s.

NoBrand – clothing for normal people. It is durable and comfortable, with no additional branding, no excess details and no design weirdness.

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