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Topchiysko hut

хижа Топчийско

Location: in an oak forest north of the village of Topchiysko, about a kilometer from the last house on the asphalt road
Meters above sea level: 430
Capacity: …
Building: 2-storey
Status: open for tourists only after preliminary request
Water supply: yes
Electricity: yes
Bathrooms: inside
Food: tourist kitchen and dining room. Meals are available upon request or on site
Heating: yes
Info: The old name of the hut is sometimes still used – “Naroden yumruk” (People’s fist). There is a marked path from the hut leading to the natural landmarks “Dobrovanski” rock formations near the village of Dobrovan and “Chudnite skali” on the shore of the Tsonevo dam near the village of Asparuhovo.

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