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Ralyo’s villa

вилата на Ральо

Location: in the beginning of Daskotna village
Building: 1-storey
Water supply: yes
Electricity: yes
Bathrooms: inside
Food: only with preliminary request
Heating: yes
Info: Ralyo’s villa is a private home and accommodates only tourists in need and only upon request. It is reached by a dirt road or a steep path to the right, just before the beginning of the village.

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  1. Brian

    We stayed here in 2019. It is not very easy to find, so be sure to know exactly where you’re going. We did find it eventually by asking around in town. It was really a very fun stay. The host was great, cooking up all kinds of delicious things, but be sure to let him know if you are planning to eat there. If you can’t there is also a grocery store and restaurants in town, which is a short walk away.

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