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Leskova hut

хижа Лескова

Location: in the former school building in the depopulated Leskova neighborhood of Osenovlak village. Can be reached by a dirt road from the village (6 km – 2 hours) or by direct paths from the village of Ogoya (2½ hours) and the village of Litakovo (3 hours).
Meters above sea level: 1507
Capacity: 17 beds
Building: big, 1-storey
Water supply: yes
Electricity: it is electrified by a generator
Bathrooms: bathrooms are common
Food: tourist kitchen and dining room
Heating: solid fuel heating
Extras: The hut-keepers Halil and Elif are famous for their hospitality and delicious meals. The hut has its own garden nearby where potatoes are grown for the kitchen.

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