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Hazim the foresters’ shelter

заслона на Хазим Горския

Location: near Rishki pass
Capacity: bunk beds for 16 people
Building: shelter
Water supply: in front of the shelter
Electricity: no
Bathrooms: no
Food: no
Heating: fireplace
Info: The Hazim the foresters’ shelter is the most convenient place to stay overnight in Rishki pass area, where there are no other tourist huts or hotels.
In July 2016, activists from “Oilaripi!” trekking association made a major renovation of the shelter and cleaning of the area around it. Wooden tables, benches and bunk beds for 16 people were built . Dry wood can be found in the forest around the shelter for making a fire in the fireplace. Wash water is next to the shelter. In case of need for fresh water – the catchment is located 150 m north through the forest.

Important note: Mountaineering ethics enjoins that you leave the shelter clean, even if you haven’t found it in proper condition. Garbage should be taken by the tourists to the nearest populated place on the way. Always leave enough firewood for at least an overnight stay in a dry place inside or near the shelter. If you have unnecessary supplies, candles, medicines – leave them in a visible place for people in need.

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  1. Brian

    We stopped here in 2019, and were planning to stay the night, but there were ticks in the shelter, so we camped outside. There is a lot of hunting in this area so be aware that there will be hunters and shooting going on in the summer.

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