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Tourist huts in Bulgaria are unique not only with their warmth and hospitality, but with the way they are organized and financed, and with their legal status as well. Most of them, together with other tourist shelters, were built by volunteers with donations from Bulgarian tourists. Today they are managed directly by the BTS (Bulgarian Tourist Union) or are rented out to third parties.

The huts in Bulgaria are built along the tourist routes. They are strategically located so that they are of greatest use to walking tourists. The huts are run by hut-holders who live in the mountain, in most of the cases, and who subsist on the tourist visits. The main duty of the hut-holder is to provide a dry warm shelter and food to the tourists, who often arrive tired, soaking-wet or cold. According to the regulations for hut managing in Bulgaria, hut-holders don’t have the right to refuse accommodation to a tourist.

Bulgaria has 269 huts and 41 shelters in total; 91 of the total huts and 9 of the total shelters are situated in the Balkan; on the crest itself or nearby are situated 27 huts and 9 shelters.
The huts in the Balkan can be distinguished by their hospitality and coziness. Even if they are not accessible by roads, even if they are not supplied with electricity and water is scarce, the hut-holders in The Balkan mountains manage to receive well the tourists and to provide them with the necessary conditions so they can get plenty of rest. It is of particular importance for the hikers of the trekking route Kom-Emine to be able to stay overnight in a warm and peaceful hut where they can receive nourishing food and have it on-site or stock up on more supplies.

Unfortunately, not all huts along the route work, so it is a good idea that the tourist call beforehand and inform themselves on the conditions of the building. Without a preliminary reservation for a stay, you cannot count on vacant beds and food.  

Difficult access to some of the huts requires all supplies, materials and even firewood to be carried by hand or with horses. Even though they continue to offer warmth, comfort and food in winter and summer. Every tourist should respect the labor of the hut-keepers who work all year round to provide the necessary conditions for his or her short rest. This respect is expressed by following a few simple rules:
– call the huts in advance to announce your arrival;
– if you need food, make a preliminary request. If you don’t have a pre-order, don’t expect to get food;
– do not waste food – products and wood for its preparation and are a valuable resource;
– do not waste the water – on the ridge of the mountain the water is scarce and its supply takes a lot of effort and energy;
– don’t take the heating for granted – if possible, save wood and electricity;
– keep clean in the hut and around it. Take your own waste from the hut to the nearest container. Limit yourself to the maximum in the ‘production’ of waste, which for the tourist consists mainly of disposable food packages.
– comply with the rules of conduct – do not make noise in the rest hours and observe the schedule for the releasing of the rooms.

To see all huts in the selected area, click on one of the images below:


1hutKom (old)Pokoya locality/ Berkovska mountain43.181943, 23.0786240889 681 693
2hutKom (new)Gornata Koriya locality/ Berkovska mountain43.189013, 23.0806580885 830 271,
0887 514 777,
0884 842 019
3hutBobikomGornata Koriya locality/ Berkovska mountain43.190085, 23.0782760887 348 787
4hut/ does not workPetrohanKoznitsa mountain43.114083, 23.135852
5hut/ in reconstructionProboinitsathe valley of the river Proboynitsa43.104773, 23.2798330899 961 646, 0899 853 483
6guest houseDraganoviLakatnik station village43.085850, 23.3868900877 000 925
7hutTrastenaTrastenaya locality/ Golema planina43.033458, 23.4381130886 407 495
8hutLeskovaneighborhood Leskova, Osenovlak village/ Golema planina42.942942, 23.5679590877 500 753
9hutMurgashat the foot of Murgash peak/ Murgash42.821818, 23.6531420888 380 530
10dormitoryVitinyaVitinya pass42.782569, 23.8001800882 966 497
11hutChavdarVihrushki polyani locality/ Etropolska mountain42.752694, 23.9385130896 715 908,
0897 783 199
12hutMurganaTopalov kladenets locality/ Etropolska mountain42.728502, 24.0516270886 111 828
13hutKashanaZlatishki pass42.751459, 24.0772700882 714 416, 0878 539 160, 0882 966 497
14hutSvishtiplazMalkata polyana locality/ Zlatishko-Tetevenska mountain42.766354, 24.1458850886 437 677
15hutMomina polyanathe western slope of Mominski Chukar peak / Zlatishko-Tetevenska mountain42.782482, 24.2333770889 623 087
16hut/ does not workPlaninski izvoriGyoldzhuka locality/ Zlatishko-Tetevenska mountain42.772784, 24.261858
17hutBenkovskiat the southwestern foot of Ushite peak42.782013, 24.3451070876 243 079
18hutVezhenTsarichina locality42.772244, 24.3910540882 966 248
19hutEhobetween peaks Yumruka and Kavladan42.775082, 24.4813820885 994 129
20hutKozya stenaHaiduk cheshma locality42.785359, 24.5293630882 440 757
21shelterOrlovo gnezdoTroyanska mountain42.751178, 24.64979202/ 4910023
22hut/ does not workPeshova makaTroyanska mountain42.73388, 24.65899
23hutDermenkaDermenka hut/ Steneto reserve42.731448, 24.6808620885 601 410
24hutDobrilabetween peaks Ambaritsa and Dobrila42.711093, 24.7605090884 102 501
25hutVasil LevskiGolyamata gyurlya locality – Troyanska/ Kaloferska mountain42.704763, 24.85241402/ 411 04 37
26shelterBotevPolyankata locality/ Kaloferska mountain42.718595, 24.9042550878 197 451
27dormitoryBotev peakBotev peak42.716476, 24.9184270877 273 547,
0878 855 686,
0878 776 845
28hutTazhasoutheast of Rusalka peak/ Kaloferska mountain42.751243, 24.993902082/ 519002
29hutMandrata800m westward of Tazha hut/ Kaloferska mountain42.750313, 25.0049800898 448 356
30hutMazalatMandrishteto locality/ Kaloferska mountain42.758674, 25.11469902/ 4910020, 0885 339 816
31hutPartizanska pesenwestward of Uzana locality/ Shipchenska mountain42.784209, 25.1979800897 952 532
32hutUzanaUzana locality / Shipchenska mountain42.750924, 25.2385250886 792 982
33hutBuzludzha (old)on the south slope of Buzludzha peak/ Shipchenska mountain42.731652, 25.3977410882 966 490
34hutBuzludzha (new)5 minutes east of the old hut Buzludzha hut/ Shipchenska mountain42.730572, 25.4010880889 997 751
35hut/ does not workHut BalgarkaTrevnenska mountain42.764725, 25.5028830889 793 070
36dormitoryKrastetsKrastets railway station / Trevnenska mountain42.770282, 25.5499920889 710 188
37ski baseGramadlivanortheast of Gramadliva peak/ Trevnenska mountain42.794101, 25.6550020898 765 424
38hutGramadlivanortheast of Gramadliva peak / Trevnenska mountain42.792814, 25.6593040884 332 220,
0884 332 221
39hutPredelaPass of the Republic42.797059, 25.6767380876 422 196
40shelterKaraivanovo horishteKaraivanovo horishte locality / Eleno-Tvardishka mountain42.782086, 25.814974
41hutBukovetsBukovets locality/ Eleno-Tvardishka mountain42.789862, 25.8879570896 693 170
42hutChumernaon the north slope of Chumerna peak/ Eleno-Tvardishka mountain42.786772, 25.9600600896 693 176
43shelterVratnikthe springs of the Kamchia river / Varbishka mountain42.819079, 26.212021
44restaurantBaboyVarbishka mountain42.956124, 26.651357053/ 912116
45hutVarbishki passVarbishka mountain42.945203, 26.646002053/ 912021
46shelterHazim GorskiaVarbishka mountain42.937607, 26.986551
47villaRalyo's villaDaskotna village42.877263, 27.1858430887795896, 0882 509 399
48hutTopchiyskoTopchiysko village42.861978, 27.3443190884473735
49hotelVyatarna melnitsa (the windmill)Kozichino village42.839180, 27.5759410888468734
50dormitoryKozichinoKozichino village42.836793, 27.5738530896 715 934
51hotelEraclea ponticaEmona village42.715575, 27.8845210878856737,